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Kailyn Smith - Headshot 3 - 2026


Kailyn Smith


Forward and Midfielder

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What I Love Most About Hockey:

“What I will always love most about hockey is the way that I can walk onto the field and focus on one thing—hockey. All of my thoughts are left behind. Field hockey teaches me and my team to be the best that we can be and to help each other along the way. With my few years and many more to come playing field hockey I hope that I can learn more and continue to share the amazing game time with my teammates.”

Team Hockey Accomplishments

2022 Centercourt FHC – U14 NIT 3rd Place
2022 New Heights FHC – U14 Sunshine Showcase 3rd Place
2021 Centercourt FHC – Limelight – U14
2021 Centercourt FHC – Surf & Sand Showcase – U14
2021 Empower FHC – Shooting Star Jamboree – U14
2021 Centercourt FHC – Shooting Star Thanksgiving – U16

Individual Hockey Accomplishments

2022 Nexus Region 5 U14 Regional Selection Camp
2022 USA Field Hockey Nexus, Region 5 – U14
2022 U14 JPOL team Powerhouse Field Hockey
2021 Newtown Middle School – 8th Grade Varsity; Team Captain
2020 Newtown Middle School – 7th Grade Varsity

Other Sports & Activities

Newtown Middle School Track

School Accomplishments

2021-2022: 8th Grade Distinguished Honor Roll
2021: 8th Grade Student of the Month – December
2020-2021: 7th Grade Distinguished Honor Roll
2021: 7th Grade Social Studies Award