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Emmy Youngblood



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What I Love Most About Hockey:

“I love field hockey because I get to meet new friends and coaches, and also get better at the same time. I love the feeling after you score a goal and get to celebrate with your teammates. I love the challenge of working towards my goals.”

Team Hockey Accomplishments

2022: PowerHouse Strikers, Shooting Stars Jamboree, Pool A 3rd place (U14)
2022: PowerHouse Lightning NIT U12 Pool A
2021: PowerHouse Shooting Stars Tournament 4th place (U12 playing in U14)
2021: PowerHouse Summer 7’s Tournament Champions (U12)
2021: PowerHouse May Day Tournament Champions (U12)
2021: X-Calibur, NIT Pool B, 3rd Place (U12)
2020: X-Calibur, NIT Pool C, Champions (U10)
2019: X-Calibur, NIT Pool A, 3rd Place (U10)

Individual Hockey Accomplishments

2022: USA Field Hockey NEXUS Team Member (U14)
2022: PowerHouse Field Hockey Shooting Stars Jamboree selection (U14)
2022: PowerHouse Field Hockey NIT selection (U12)
2021: PowerHouse Field Hockey Shooting Stars selection (U12)
2021: X-Calibur NIT selection (U12)
2020: X-Calibur NIT selection (U10)
2020: X-Calibur NIT Captain
2019: X-Calibur NIT selection (U10)

Other Sports & Activities

2022: Apex Youth Games Selection-Girls Lacrosse
2021 and 2022: Athletes Unlimited Futures Lacrosse selection
2019-present-NXT Lacrosse 2028 Black Team

School Accomplishments

North Coventry Citizenship Award