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Carolyn Walker


Midfielder and Defender

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What I Love Most About Hockey:

“I love the rush of happiness when I play the sport. Also getting improve individually and as a team.”

Team Hockey Accomplishments

2022: Powerhouse field hockey- qualified U19 Pool A NITs
2022: Powerhouse field hockey- Qualified U16 NITS
2022: Powerhouse field hockey- U16 NITs first place
2021: Fall shooting stars
2021: spring shooting star winners 2020: U14 fall shooting stars
2020: U14 NITS (kennett crush field hockey)

Individual Hockey Accomplishments

2020: U14 NITS (kennett crush hockey) selection
2020: U14 shooting star fall selection
2021: U14 shooting stars spring selection
2021: U14 RCCs selection
2021: U14 shooting stars fall selection
2021: super sixty (2025)
2022: U16 NITs selection
2022: U19 NITs Pool A
2022: Powerhouse field hockey U16 JPOL/RCC selections

Other Sports & Activities

Part of the LLS club

School Accomplishments

2020: Honor Roll
2021-2022: High Honor Roll
School Ambassador