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Caitlin Paul


Caitlin Paul


Midfielder and Defender

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What I Love Most About Hockey:

I love the rush of adrenaline that hits me when I run around and play hockey. I love that whenever I step on to the field, all my other problems fall away. All I can think about is the play ahead, and winning the game. I love the fact that your teammates could be complete strangers at the beginning of a season, but by the end, you are best friends.

Team Hockey Accomplishments

2020: PowerHouse Field Hockey – NIT U14 Pool EE 3rd Place
2020: PowerHouse Field Hockey- NIT U12 Pool B 3rd place

Individual Hockey Accomplishments

2020: PhilaFH Ireland selection
2020: PowerHouse Field Hockey – U14 NIT selection
2020: PowerHouse Field Hockey – U12 NIT selection

Other Sports & Activities

NXT 2027 Lacrosse team
Montgomery United 2008 Flash soccer team
Corpus Christi CYO basketball team

School Accomplishments

Highest General Average Award-2020, 2019, 2017, 2016
Spelling Bee participant 2020
Student Council Representative 2019