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Building the Complete Athlete

Our mission is to build the complete athlete on and off the field. PowerHouse Field Hockey offers an innovative training curriculum and elite coaching experience that is guaranteed to sharpen every player’s technical skill execution and tactical game understanding.
Our athletes advance athletically through field hockey specific strength and conditioning programs along with our full embrace of the multi-sport athlete!
We create a culture of excellence by empowering each athlete with confidence and leadership skills, teaching the art of goal setting, and implementing career consultations that will guide each player on their field hockey journey.
Lastly, we believe that an athlete’s greatest potential can only be met when talent stays in tune with their passion for the sport.

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Shout out to all of our players/families in club, high school and beyond - we miss you! Remain strong and courageous during this time. We are here for you and we will get through this Together! (Throwback to our International Women’s day photoshoot with @aroundmainline) #fieldhockey #bestrong #beconfident #beyou #lovethegame @lmpfeiff

Skill of the Day!! Setup the cones like this guy and have fun with it! He is just being creative and getting touches. You can do whatever patterns or lifts you want! Happy Friday!

👋 Bye Bye Defenders! #BeTheBolt #Repost @leaphockey SEE YOU LATER DEFENDERS 👀 An awesome skill to learn and what a perfect time to learn it 🕺If you can spit your words out @rossgilhamjones 😂 FAKE LEFT 👈🏼 MOVE RGHT 👉🏼 #LivingroomLEAP #TakeTheLEAP 🐸🏑

Hadley (U/16) showing off some fun skills and keeping that reverse on point 😎 #PowerHousefh #bethebolt #fieldhockey #lovethegame #Repost @fockeylaxhad

Carey (U/16) Rocking the skill of the day! #powerhousefh #bethebolt #lovethegame #fieldhockey

Bella (U/14) working hard and checking off skill execution during Qurantine! Great work! #powerhousefh #lovethegame #bethebolt #fieldhockey

Awesome GK training by Norah (U/12) and her family! There is always opportunity to grow each day! #powerhousefh #bethebolt #lovethegame #fieldhockey {GK exercise cred: @lau.delcolle}

Skill of the Day! Focus on the dribbling in the first part and moving your feet! If you have enough space then continue with the rest!

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